Advanced Excel Training

MS-Excel is an invaluable discovery of Microsoft. It is essential for an organization to organize the data in a meaningful way so that  it can be used for further analysis. Times have changed when initially it was  a laborious task to ensure every entry is maintained in a orderly fashion and to top it if few complicated calculations were needed to be done it used to become a very painstaking task. Apart from being a tedious job, it was risky too, because since those calculations were done manually, a slight error could have brought a devastating result. But not anymore, with the introduction of MS-Excel, now these things are done in a jiffy. Bulk of data can be maintained in an organized manner and Microsoft itself provides plethora of inbuilt functions to make our tasks more efficient and easy to use. Thanks to such innovation.

All of us, more or less, have tried our hands in MS-Excel and have a fair idea about its basic functionalities. But, that’s not all, Excel is a vast pool of functionalities and there are many unexplored features and functions that can be of immense use to us in our daily life.We at outsourcingwise have  a team of expert trainers who have more than a decade experience on working in complex industries and solving tricky business problems by using advanced analytical functionalities of excel. Keeping these aspects in mind, Outsourcingwise announces a workshop on advanced excel training in Singapore. The objective of this session is to make you aware of the critical and most useful functions of Excel, which can help you increase your productivity and efficiency on day to day basis. This is designed to make you a “Professional Excel Expert,” training is designed to help professionals work on humungous data sets and work on large and complex calculations by learning 

Advanced formulaes and functions 

Enhanced conditional formatting options

Insight to complex charting techniques

Proficiency in advanced Pivot tables

Use of Macros and its applicability in practical situations and many more

The training session from Outsourcingwise involves learning modifying charts, dynamic formulas, pivot tables, advanced charting options, and several other excel tips and tricks to help you grow further.

The proficient instructors of advanced excel training in Singapore will demonstrate practical examples to show how to use the functionalities, and do complex calculations in Excel in real-life situations. A candidate will have hands-on experience and will get learning by doing experience on Excel workbooks To understand the nuances of data and use it for further analysis.

Apart from providing Excel training, Outsourcingwise is a proficient multi-national organization (located in India, London, Canada, and Singapore) known to organize vital training sessions on Dashboarding, Data visualizations, Business Intelligence, Management Information Systems, Advanced Presentation skills, advanced Powerpoint and many more. It is also engaged in Business Consultation and offer counselling services in Accounting like Lease Accounting, Scorecards, Preparation of financial statements and many more.

Come join the team of experts at at Outsourcingwise, where you can get the assistance of experts in areas of Trainings, Bookkeeping, Financial Statement preparation, Dashboards, Advanced MS office programmes ,etc. The expert team of management proffessionals and Charted accountants with more than 25 yrs of experience will make sure you get the best knoeldge and noteworthy savings for your company, and will also encourage the overall development and enhanced efficiency of your organization. With them, your organization get  a good exposure to current running tips and tricks to grow in this professional world and make informed business decisions.

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