Highly Captivating Outputs that You could be Learnt from Advanced Excel Training are as Follows-

  • Advanced formulaes like, look up functions, statistical functions, logical functions, financial functions, date and time functions and many more
  • Mastering the art of graphical representations through bar chart, column chart, combo chart, pie chart, line charts, and complex charts like waterfall chart, bubble charts and many more
  • Participants become qualified to draw their own summaries and calculations by creating proficiency in pivot tables, creating reports, applying macros and many more.

Inquisitive Learning on Advanced Excel Training Courses

Boosting your knowledge by advanced ms excel training courses ensure to curb down the complexities of tough computing in most of the organizations. On a large scale, it helps to operate your work more effectively and efficiently by enhancing the productivity. As an organizational leader, you must emphasize on the development programs that will enable your employees to be at a better condition by an improved ranking. For a better insight about advanced excel training in Singapore, OutsourcingWise is the highly acclaimed organization to learn this in brief.

Advanced excel training by Outsourcing Wise in Singapore aids in focusing on advanced formulas, nested functions, proficiency in graphical presentations through charts, mastering pivot tables, macros and much more. You surely be spruced up by the essential excel tips and tricks by the highly adept trainers on the subject. Our trainers have more than decade experience in teaching corporates and big organization’s in making them learn excel quick tips and tricks, managing their work efficiently and developing their workforce to become more productive. Join the 2 days workshop at S$ 345 in September to become a professional excel expert. Grab the opportunity of learning the holistic approach on the best excel MS excel training in Singapore to warm up your skill sets.

A Complete Approach on Advanced MS Excel Courses

Best MS excel training courses near you offers technical exposure to advanced excel tips and tricks for better productivity to achieve multifold business efficiency. Join Advanced MS excel 2016 courses for business in Singapore to master successfully and yield high competencies that will empower your business.

Outsourcingwise is the leading organization which offers Microsoft excel training courses near you. With these advanced courses You learn not only the basic and intermediate level of excel but also advanced excel techniques like advanced formulaes, nested functions, mastering pivot tables, report building and  learning all about macro course through this advanced excel 2016 training courses in Singapore.

Outsourcingwise ensures that you get an good exposure and hands on experience on MS excel and help you become an advanced excel expert.

The trainers at OutsourcingWise are highly qualified in their subjects and have more than decade experience with relevant certifications in this field. They will enhance and enrich your skills by offering top excel courses.

The result of the Advanced Excel 2016 Course will be highly gratifying and useful for its audience. To be comfortable with humungous data and getting know how of running tools and tricks on excel makes this as a best advanced excel training courses. In OutsourcingWise trainers will ensure you master the excel through hands on exercise’s practice and will be trained by the expert trainers.

Join the two day excel workshop which will make you an excel expert by hands on exercises and learning all advanced tips and tricks that will make you efficient and will help you create an edge by mastering the excel skills for business.

Venue: 87 Beach Road, Chye Sing Building, Singapore 189695, Nearest MRT: Bugis
Timing : 9 AM to 5 PM

Advanced Excel Training course is focused on learning advanced excel formulae’s and functions. The participants of this workshop will learn complex calculation through nested functions, dynamic formulaes, pivot tables, modifying charts, enhanced filtering conditions and creating meaningful and insightful information using excel tips and tricks

Our expert trainers will work with all the participants on huge data sets and practical examples to help them bring in use all the above mentioned functions and functionalities. Hands on exercises will be given by working on multiple workbooks and giving insights on summarizing and organizing data in a meaningful reporting

  • Mastering advanced formulae’s like
    1. Look up functions,
    2. IF conditions and nested IF’s,
    3. Date and Time Functions,
    4. SUMIF and COUNTIF,
    5. Text functions,
    6. Creating references,
    7. INDEX,
    8. MATCH,
    9. ADDRESS,
    10. OFFSET, etc.
  • Learning on Data mining and slicing and dicing the data using Creating customized formulae’s
  • Mastering the art of creating tables and its use in day to day work
  • Creating Data validations and linking it with data
  • Use of named ranges and creating the same
  • Advanced sorting and filtering techniques like
    1. modifying parts of a table,
    2. enhanced formatting options,
    3. designing and summarizing information using customized options
  • Mastering the art of depicting information graphically by working on multiple 2D and 3D charts.
  • Creating combination charts and customized version of different carts to show the information as per the problem statement
  • Learning advanced charting features in all the following charts
    1. Bar charts,
    2. line charts,
    3. Pie charts,
    4. radar charts,
    5. scatter charts,
    6. area charts,
    7. bubble charts,
    8. waterfall charts,


  • Getting Proficient in Pivot tables
    1. Understanding the uses of pivot tables
    2. Sorting and filtering in Pivot tables
    3. Working on Totals
    4. Customizing Pivots
    5. Altering row and column headers as per needs
  • Working on Multiple workbooks and learning advanced workbook functionalities
    1. Sharing workbook between multiple users
    2. Uses of shared workbooks and how to retain changes done by different users
    3. Protecting workbooks and its customized functions and features
    4. Password protection of worksheets and workbooks
  • Leaning on Custom Filtering and Conditional Formatting
    1. How and when to use conditional formats
    2. Understanding of different color schemes
    3. Highlighting the cells with references
    4. Understanding conditional formatting Rules
  • Learning MACROS:
    1. Understanding what is VBA
    2. Need of using a Macro
    3. Creating a Macro
    4. Recording Macros
    5. Customizing Macros basis the needs of the report
    6. How to Run and test Macros
    7. Deleting Macros
    8. Mastering Developer tab
    9. Creating Combo Boxes and List Boxes
  • This workshop is best suited for all individuals who work on humungous data and use excel in their day to day work. The participants attending this workshop are expected to know the basics of MS excel so that they can further work on complex formulaes and calculationsThis course will help its participants to master the art of excel and analyze data, slice and dice the data and use enhanced features offered by MS excel

Participants willing to take us this course should be well versed with basics of MS Excel and its features. They should be prepared for further complex calculations and tips and tricks

Participants should bring their laptop with pre installed Excel version

The course will have hands on exercises and practical examples to master excel and be able to use it efficiently and effectively

You can discuss your unique requirements at +65 84831463 or simply fill the required details on Enquiry Now Page and send us at

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Course Cancellation / Reschedule Policy

OutsourcingWise reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the course due to unforeseen circumstances. If the course is cancelled from our end, management will refund 100% to its participants

Note: the minimal class size to start the class would be 3 pax