In an increasingly dynamic business environment, it has become important for organizations to receive expert technical accounting advice not just to ensure compliance with accounting standards (such as IFRS or SFRS), but also ensure that their business or  financing models do not result in unexpected surprises.

Many considerations must be considered when executing a transaction, such as:

  • Whether the finance department has the necessary internal knowledge of the complex accounting and disclosures required involved in non-transactions?
  • Does the financial function have the data analytics skills to provide high-quality, timely analysis to management?
  • Is the financial function organized to meet the future needs of its stakeholders?

Our Accounting Advisory Services has experienced team advising clients on a wide range of issues, from assisting with compliance with new or revised accounting standards or handholding organisations on accounting for new and complex accounting transactions such as:

consolidation services singapore

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)



Revenue recognition



Employee Stock Options

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