The importance of data in decision making is increasing with every passing day. With heaps of data that is being collected the power of data lies in consistency and continual growth. It enables organizations to create new business opportunities, generate further revenue, predicting future trends and produce actionable insights.

The digital world is ever-changing and hence it becomes imperative to leverage data to make more informed and powerful data driven business decisions.

Data driven thinking empowers the enterprise to act and optimize current operational efforts.

Companies having data driven approach to decision making are able to enhance their productivity and efficiency thereby outperforming their competitors

This course will focus on nuances of data and the harnessing the power of data by learning its varied aspects thereby helping organizations to have better decisions based on facts and figures.

Senior – (16 hrs)

Know your Data: In this module, you will learn the following

  1. Basics of data analytics and how businesses use to solve problems.
  2. Value data analytics brings to business decision-making processes.
  3. Introduction to a framework for data analysis and tools used in data analytics.
  4. Difference between Data Science, Data Analytics and Data Visualization
  5. Careers and roles in data analytics and data science.

Analyze your Data: In this module you will learn the following:

  1. Defining Objectives
  2. Gathering Data
  3. Data cleaning
  4. Understanding and creating simple Analytical reports
  5. Analyzing Strategic KPI’s

Presenting data meaningfully

  1. Art of describing data
  2. Graphically representing Data
  3. Learning basic tips for quick and impressive presentations
  4. Concept of reading data through pictorial representations
  5. Hands on exercises to meaningfully present data

Extracting Actionable insights

  1. Principles of dashboard design
  2. Select Key performance Indicators
  3. Learning from real life examples of Data dashboards
  4. Learning mostly used Excel techniques to get data into action
  5. Creating a meaningful dashboard
  6. Hands on exercises to create actionable dashboards

The power of Data Visualizations: Why is it more important in today’s scenario

  1. Genesis of Data Visualizations
  2. Transferring information through visuals
  3. Benefits of Data visualizations
  4. Group Discussions for quick actions

Learning Data Visualization Tools – POWER BI

  1. Different Data Visualization Tools
  2. Finding connections and emerging trends
  3. Overview of Power BI interface
  4. Overall Features and functions of Power BI

Deriving interpretations and effective decision making

  1. Generating insights from Data
  2. Reading Data to drive decisions
  3. Ever Evolving business decision making
  4. Group Discussions and Quizzes

Managerial – 16 hrs

Know your Data: In this module, you will learn the following

  1. Basics of data analytics and how businesses use to solve problems.
  2. Value data analytics brings to business decision-making processes.
  3. Introduction to a framework for data analysis and tools used in data analytics.

Data Analysis and Presentation techniques

  1. Defining Objectives
  2. Data collection process
  3. Data cleaning
  4. Learning Advanced Presentation techniques
  5. Use of advanced Graphics
  6. Hands on exercises to meaningfully present data

Creating Actionable Dashboards

  1. Use and Purpose of Creating a Dashboard
  2. Select Key performance Indicators
  3. Creating advanced dynamic reports
  4. Using Developer options
  5. Learn advanced excel functions to create actionable dashboards
  6. Showcasing meaningful information

Creating effective Visualizations

  1. Types of Data Visualizations
  2. Creating Static visualizations
  3. Creating Interactive visualizations
  4. Choosing the right type of visuals as per the organizational goals
  5. Discussing Management examples from Top industries in real world
  6. Hands on exercises to create visuals

Mastering knowledge on Data Visualization Tools

  1. Different Data Visualization Tools and its uses, features and functions
  2. Data Modelling
  3. Understanding Visuals
  4. Create a quick report on Power BI

Business Intelligence concepts and its applicability

  1. Overview of various Business Intelligence tools and its architecture
  2. Data repository vs data segmentation
  3. Understanding different Business Intelligence Tools and its uses

Intermediate – Leadership – 8 hrs

Analyzing your Data

  1. Data Collection
  2. Analyzing Strategic KPI’s

Analyzing Critical Business Questions

  1. Scenario testing basis current business requirements
  2. Correlating different business parameters
  3. Hypothesis testing post data availability to derive conclusions

Focus on creating Boardroom reports

  1. Creating business reviews
  2. Presenting Competitor Analysis
  3. Managing customized Rules in presenting data
  4. Improving presentation of data

Mastering Analysis through dynamic Pivot dashboards

  1. Managing information through pivots
  2. Creating informative Summaries
  3. Creating Visuals within pivots
  4. Create Dynamic workbooks by linking data and charts together

Creating Data inferences

  1. Creating Dynamic workbooks
  2. Linking multiple data sets to draw inferences
  3. Combine internal and external data to generate insights that weren’t possible or practical before.
  4. Hands on execises
  • Generating insights from Data
  • Effective decision making
  • Group Discussions and Quizzes

Intermediate – Managerial – 8 hrs

Working on Data and analyzing Critical To Quality metrics

  1. Advanced Data Cleaning techniques to convert humungous raw data into meaningful information
  2. Working with multiple KPI’s
  3. Hands on exercises

Analyzing Data to comprehend complex situations

  1. Correlating different business parameters
  2. Analyzing Regression metrics and its practical uses
  3. Hypothesis testing post data availability to derive conclusions
  4. Using predictive analytics for future projections
  5. Hands on exercises

Advanced presentation views for management

  1. Presenting Complex business problems
  2. Aligning with organization goals
  3. Presenting Competitor Analysis
  4. Highlighting global data and concerns graphically
  5. Hands on exercises

Mastering Quick analysis techniques to solutionize complex business problems

  1. Learning advanced financial functions and managing multiple scenarios
  2. Creating and managing targets
  3. Make it easier to act on finance analytics reports
  4. Hands on exercises

Mastering Analysis through dynamic and interactive Dashboards for decision making

  1. Managing information through multiple excel techniques
  2. Creating informative reporting views
  3. Mastering Developer tab and its functions
  4. Using dropdowns to connect tables and charts
  5. Creating interactive visualizations to derive insights
  6. Hands on exercises

At the end of the workshop the participants will be able to increase productivity and enhance efficiency in their day to day work by Analysing their excel files much better. Participants will be able to analyze their financial data in a meaningful way to draw further insights and decision making. The aim of the workshop is to make them self confident on data mining and slicing and dicing the data for further analysis and interpretation.

In addition participants will be able to express the data graphically and in dynamic way that helps them to represents complex data sets through best visual representations for senior management and steer committees.

Data Driven Decision Making is designed for those (such as Accountants, Controllers, Finance managers, Auditors and all accounting professionals) who are interested to learn how to use data driven thinking to design decisions around strategy, process, business intelligence products, business structures and the customer experience.. This workshop is apt for those people who want to understand the analytical perspective to data and draw further insights to enhance their efficiency and productivity in current business.

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Course Cancellation / Reschedule Policy

OutsourcingWise reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the course due to unforeseen circumstances. If the course is cancelled from our end, management will refund 100% to its participants

Note: the minimal class size to start the class would be 3 pax