So how does an organization take control of its data and make it useful? The answer is implementation of data governance. Just like an organization would put processes and policies in place to complete projects or provide services, it needs processes and policies in place to manage the data created from these interactions. Given that the data comes from multiple functions, departments, etc., both a holistic view and organizational-wide reach are required to consider all data points, communicate requirements and ensure accessibility

This Course will explain in detail all the requirements needed for a Data Governance process as highlighted above and implementing the same in your respective organizations.

Seniors/Managers – 16 hrs

  • Understanding Data Governance Process
    1. Data Governance Process
    2. Data Governance Framework
    3. Strategic Guidelines to follow
  • Value of Data Governance
  • Components of Data Governance
    1. Analyzing Data Governance as a whole
    2. Critical aspects of every component
    3. Ensuring adherence to every component
    4. Application to Business management
    5. Discussing Examples
  • Designing the Data Governance Process
  • Data Governance Structure
    1. Defining Roles and Responsibilities
    2. Communication Framework
  • Understanding Information Governance
    1. The definition of information governance
    2. The principles and best practices of information governance
    3. Components of Information Governance
  • Data and ethics
    1. Identify the concepts of the data revolution.
    2. Describe how ethics and data interact.
    3. Recognize the types of bias inherent in processing data.
    4. Relate the application of best practices to the use of big data.
  • Maintaining Data Quality Standards
  • Maintaining Data Security and Data Privacy
  • Implementing Data Governance in Corporates
    1. Assessing Organization needs in Data Governance Process
    2. Data Governance Focus areas
  • Quality and Excellence
    1. Concepts of LEAN
    2. Concepts of Kaizen and its components
  • Six sigma
    1. Introduction to Six Sigma
    2. Six Sigma Tools
  • Process Excellence and Continuous Improvement techniques
    1. Learning AGILE methodology
    2. Learning SCRUM methodology
    4. Discussing examples
  • Concluding the Process and Discussions
  • Group Discussions
  • Interactive Quiz for participants

At the end of the workshop the participants will be able to increase productivity and enhance efficiency in their day to day work by understanding the value of Data Governance process and how organization can benefit by following processes and procedures of Data Governance.

This will help Senior leadership and Managers to understand various aspects of Data Governance, data Quality, data Privacy and many more them and their organization more Agile and process efficient.

All participants should have their laptop with preinstalled MS office.

The training is ideal for those (such as Accountants, Controllers, Finance managers, Auditors and all accounting professionals) who deal with large volume of data, processes and structures and would look forward to streamline the same for further interest in organization

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Course Cancellation / Reschedule Policy

OutsourcingWise reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the course due to unforeseen circumstances. If the course is cancelled from our end, management will refund 100% to its participants

Note: the minimal class size to start the class would be 3 pax