Data Visualization through Tableau

Tableau Trainings in Singapore is designed for all professionals who would like to learn the art of Data Visualization through Tableau and presenting the humungous datasets for every business professional thereby generating business insights which in turn helps businesses to make informed decisions.

Tableau is one of the fastest evolving Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualization tool. It is very fast to deploy, easy to learn and very intuitive to use.

This workshop of Tableau will help its participants to learn the Tableau interface and its features in detail, Customized calculations that this software enables and a perfect blend of aesthetic elements like colors, dimensions, formulas and lots of other functionalities that will help the participants to create visual masterpieces.

1.  Introduction to Tableau

  • Download and Installation of Tableau
  • Learning about Tableau Features and functionalities
  • Tableau Products and its offerings
  • Advantages of Tableau
  • Understanding the Tableau Interface
  • Overview of different visualization tools and its advantages


2.  Establishing Connections with multiple data sources

3.  Advanced Sorting and Advanced Filtering In Tableau

  • Data Sorting
  • Filtering in tableau and its usage
  • Different types of filters
  • Advanced Filtering options
  • Custom customized Calculations
  • Using custom filters


4.  Creating Tabular representations

  • Joining distinct Tables and its features
  • Table Calculations
  • Using Tableau Rank Calculation – Basic and Advanced
  • Calculating Running Totals
  • Advanced Tabular functions
  • Hands on exercises

5.  Mastering Formulas and Functions

  • Using Calculated Columns
  • Learn and application of multiple formulae’s on practical datasets
  • Aggregate Functions
  • Date and Time functions
  • IF Functions
  • String Functions
  • Conversion Functions and many more


6.  Mastering Visual presentations

  • Use and application of Visual Techniques in Tableau
  • Adding features and functions of creating multiple charts
  • Creating a Chart with multiple informative features
  • Learn about interactive visaulizations
  • Create multiple business views and Charts like:
  1. Column Chart
  2. Area Chart
  3. Bar chart,
  4. Line Chart,
  5. Pie Chart,
  6. Scatter Plot,
  7. Histogram, etc


7.  Additional Important functionalities

  • Creating Interactive Visualizations
  • Adding Drill up and Drill Down features to datasets
  • Analyzing trends information for generating further business decisions

At the end of this Tableau trainings in Singapore the participants will be able to understand the Tableau interface meaningfully. Multiple hands on exercises related to complex calculations, making visually appealing charts, learning added functionalities will help participants create interactive information from raw datasets.

Practical working on the interface will help them create intuitive information for their businesses which in-turn would help them to increase productivity and enhance efficiency in their day to day work.

Participants will be able to analyze their financial data in a meaningful way to draw further insights and take informed decisions

The training is ideal for professionals who deal with large volume of data and excel in their day to day work for creating reporting solutions, data mining and need excel tools and technologies for further enhancing their efficiency and productivity.

This workshop is apt for those people who want to understand the analytical perspective to data and now want to step ahead and create an edge in their industry with use of most popular Data Visualization and Business Intelligence tools and technologies

Laptops with pre installed Tableau and MS office Installed before this session.
Detailed instructions on how to download Tableau will be provided post signing up.
All participants are required to have Basic Excel Knowledge.

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