This course is specially designed for getting familiar with MS office applications and gain expertise in them. The learnings given in this course is best suited for professionals, corporates and individuals who use this software on day to day basis.

This course will help all the participants to enhance their productivity and efficiency on day to day basis making their work done in a short span of time and increase productivity

This course will start with focus on basic and intermediate level of EXCEL tool and helping all participants know the basic functionalities that this tool provides.

The next day will be focused on showcasing information at its best by learning the tips and tricks for a better presentation. We will learn hands on creating presentation to showcase our work with live examples and exercises.

This will be followed by learning about the third most important tool i.e MS WORD; in which we will learn about report writing, creating proposals, etc in the best possible way to represent your ideas

Experienced trainers will engage in multiple exercises and case studies to gain hands on experience on all the MS office applications and ensure expertise for all the participants

Day 1

  • MS Excel:
  • Understanding on inbuilt features of MS Excel
  • Explaining Toolbars and its functionalities
  • Working and learning on commonly used functions
  • Mastering the art of writing and using formulae’s
  • Working on multiple spreadsheets
  • Dealing with humungous data and workbooks
  • Sorting and filtering techniques
  • Hands one experience on Charting techniques


Day 2

  • Understanding the interphase of Power point
  • Learning about Inserting data
  • Formatting and structuring of data
  • Use of formatting options and its techniques
  • Creating appealing presentations
  • Combining diagrams and text to create exquisite presentations
  • Using styles and effects to enhance presentations
  • Learning about animations and its application
  • Additing multimedia elements
  • Customizing presentations
  • Learning to be a presenter
  • Rehearsing and mastering the art of delivering presenttaions
  • Presenting with a slide show


Day 3

  • Underatnding the uses of MS Word and its workings
  • Working on multiple tabs
  • Working on text an d formatting
  • Customizing Headers and footers
  • Use of tables and creating tables in MS WORD
  • Mastering the art of creating and inserting images
  • Combing text and images
  • Know more on how to review big documents and use its functionalities
  • Creating hyperlinks
  • At the end of the workshop we will have multiple case studies and examples to gain hands on experience in learning and mastering the MS office applications
  • We will have group exercise to showcase our learnings at its best and instill confidence to ensure we bring to use the learnings in our day to day work

This course is specifically designed for all those individuals who use MS office on day to day basis and would want to gain good knowledge on this software to enhance their productivity in work.

All individuals like corporate professional’s, doctors, architects, small business owners, home makers, etc would learn different aspects of this tool and will help them work with enhanced productivity and better expertise

Participants are expected to bring their laptop with pre-installed MS Office

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Course Cancellation / Reschedule Policy

OutsourcingWise reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the course due to unforeseen circumstances. If the course is cancelled from our end, management will refund 100% to its participants

Note: the minimal class size to start the class would be 3 pax