Every organization collects humungous datasets. The power of the organization lies in harnessing this information for its benefit. Data allows organizations to more effectively determine the cause of problems. Data allows organizations to visualize relationships between what is happening in different locations, departments, and systems

This course will help all its participants in analyzing data and its various aspects so that Leaders can make informed decisions and get meaningful results.

Senior Leadership (Data 101)

  • Understanding Data
    1. Data and its composition
    2. Types of Data
    3. What is Data Dictionary
  • Data Cleaning techniques
    1. Concepts of Data Management
    2. What is Data collection
    3. Challenges in Data Collection
    4. Working on data Quality
    5. Data Leakage
    6. Application to Business management
    7. Discussing Examples
  • Big Data
    1. In-depth understanding of Big data concepts
    2. Use and applicability of Big Data in current world
    3. Big Data Tools Overview
    4. Uses and benefits of different Big Data Tools
    5. Applicability of various tools
    6. Use of Big data in real life scenarios
    7. Practical examples from industries across the globe
  • Data Analytics
    1. What is Data Analytics
    2. Using Statistical Analysis
    3. Descriptive Vs Predictive Analytics
    4. Predictive vs Prescriptive Analytics
    5. Driving toward Prescriptive analytics techniques
    6. Forecasting using Historical data
    7. Application to Business management
  • Data Modelling Relationship
    1. Understanding Modelling techniques
    2. Need and use of Data Models
    3. Managing large Data sets
  • Data Mining
    1. What is Data Mining in today’s world
    2. Overview of Data Mining techniques
    3. Application of Data mining concepts in practical scenarios
  • What is IoT
    1. Managing large information
    2. The power of Internet
    3. Harnessing information to solve organizational goals
    4. Deriving insights from Data
  • Downsides of Data
    1. Challenges faced
    2. Discussing examples

Managerial level (Data 101)

  • What is Data and its types
    1. Types of Data
    2. What is Data Dictionary
    3. Understanding Raw data
    4. Dealing with Humungous datasets
  • Data cleaning and its tips and tricks
    1. Playing with data
    2. Reducing veracities in data
    3. Converting Data into information
    4. Learning quick tips and tricks to interpret data meaningfully
    5. Application to Business management
    6. Discussing Examples
  • Big Data
    1. Understanding Big data concepts
    2. Use and applicability of Big Data in current world
    3. Big Data Tools Architecture
    4. Learning the tools technical aspects for future implementation
  • Data Analytics and its Statistical implementation
    1. Understanding Data analytics
    2. Variants of Data Analytics
    3. Using Statistical Analysis
    4. Application of practical techniques on Analytics
    5. Concept of Hypothesis testing
    6. Correlation and regression analysis techniques
    7. Application of forecasting techniques
    8. Hands on exercises
  • Data Mining
    1. Understanding Data Mining
    2. Data Mining types
    3. Uses and Application of Data mining concepts in real world
    4. Practical implementation on advanced techniques
    5. Predictions vs Regression techniques
    6. Hands on exercises
    7. Clustering Vs association techniques

Executives (Data 101)

  • Understanding data and its Nuances
    1. Understanding Raw data
    2. Dealing with Humungous datasets
  • Learning about data collection
  • Mastering Data Cleaning techniques
    1. Understanding Data clutter
    2. Importance of Data cleaning
    3. Revising basic Excel functions and formulae’s
    4. Understanding intermediate Formulae’s and Functions
    5. Evaluating and examining the formulae’s
    6. Look up and Reference functions,
    7. Working with Logical Functions
    8. Absolute and Relative cell referencing
  • Practical implementation in data mining
    1. Playing with Data and make it comprehensible
    2. Advanced selections options
    3. Getting unique set of values
  • Mastering Pivots tables
    1. Learning Pivot shortcuts
    2. Shortcuts to tabular representatio
    3. Playing with data in tabular format
    4. Create summaries
    5. Making dynamic representations
    6. Creating multiple dropdowns in pivots
    7. Creating pivot dashboards
  • Creating Data Visuals
    1. Importance of Presentation of Data
    2. Learning Presentation techniques
    3. Overview of most commonly used charts to present business scenarios
    4. Linking visuals and insights
  • Analysing data at your fingertips
    1. Quick Analysis Tools
    2. What if Analysis
    3. Shortcuts to forecasting techniques
    4. Using Goal seek for financial calculations

The participants of this workshop will learn logic, and statistics that save your time. The partciapnts will be able to efficiently work on day to day processing but also for interpretation , uncovering insights and insight generation in their day to day work, increasing accuracy of work, preparing forecasts and any other form of data driven decision making. In addition, you can learn about creating customizations, add your own data driven decision variables, and modify functions, using complex calculation through nested functions, dynamic formulas, enhanced pivot tables and its features, modifying and creating complex charts, dynamic filtering conditions and creating meaningful and insightful information using excel.

In addition participants will understand about VBA and get knowledge of Recording macros and creating their own macros and use them to perform their daily tasks efficiently

This workshop will also help the participants to learn new excel shortcuts that will help them increase their productivity in their day to day work

All participants should have their laptop with preinstalled MS office.

All Corporate professionals, sole proprietors, SMP’s or any company personnel or individual who are involved in managing raw datasets who use excel not only for day to day proceesning but for any other form of data mining to convert raw data to meaningful analysis.

The aim of the course is to make the participants learn advanced excel tips and techniques in a way that helps you enhance your productivity, speed and make your work much easy to interpret.

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Course Cancellation / Reschedule Policy

OutsourcingWise reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the course due to unforeseen circumstances. If the course is cancelled from our end, management will refund 100% to its participants

Note: the minimal class size to start the class would be 3 pax