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The importance of communication in today’s world is indubitable. Communication is the process of giving and taking of information (both formal and informal) between two or more individuals or entities. In today’s business world, the written communication technique comes primarily in the form of emails. With the arrival of the computers and the internet, business emails have become the most-used channel for sharing valuable business information. Writing business emails is a tactical task and one needs to have proper training in order to write meaningful and pertinent business emails.

The Workshop on Professional Email Writing

Outsourcing Wise is organizing a workshop on business email writing training on 14th November 2019. In this workshop, the participants will be able to learn about the different proven techniques of writing business emails. Business emails should be written in such a way that they can present the information in a concise, precise, clear, and comprehensive way to ensure that the right information through the emails reaches the right recipient at the right time.

Where email writing is considered to be so important, it is essential to master the techniques of professional email writing and also, learn how to create meaningful content in the emails and avoid Wordy and unclear emails. During this workshop, the participants will learn to create business emails that can convey the ideas and information in the most effective manner.

Skills You Can Gain in Business Email Writing Training

For writing professional emails perfectly, it is necessary to channelize the thoughts in the right direction in an organized way and give them the shape of a well-structured email. The groups of trainers, who will be taking this workshop are experts in their fields and they will provide the participants with ample opportunities to learn the art of professional email writing with hands-on exercises, provide examples of various practical business situations and teach how to write emails in reference to those situations, write emails to difficult customers, and other similar scenarios.

Take a Look at the Course Outline

The topics on which training will be given in the workshop include – the significance of business email writing, structuring emails with precise content and avoiding verbose emails, constructing emails and minutes of the business meetings, writing relevant and catchy subject lines, avoiding grammatical errors, making emails linguistically rich with phrases and terminologies, structuring customized emails in accordance with the situations and recipients, learning the techniques of presenting ideas and information in a structured and appealing way in the emails, etc.

Who Can Participate in the Workshop?

The workshop on professional email writing is meant for all corporate professionals, managers, executives, government administrators, and personnel responsible for writing and answering business emails.
The fees to participate in the workshop is 199 SGD/ Participant.

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