Data Analytics Trainings In Singapore

Every business function is guided by a specific set of data that comprises certain information and instructions that are needed to be followed. In order to make the right business decisions and draw conclusions, understanding the data and drawing interpretations of these data sets is very crucial for any business.  Both old and new data that has been collected from the internal and external sources is processed. In this process, different types of scientific theories, models, and hypotheses are used. The main components of Data Analytics include – Business Intelligence (BI), Advanced Analytics, and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). The main objective of Data Analytics is augmenting the overall business performance by improving the operational efficacy, optimizing the data sets to provide meaningful analysis

Learn all about Data analytics and Data Visualization  

Business Intelligence is an important component of data analysis as it includes the strategies and techniques used in this process of analysing the valuable business information. After analysing the data, inferences are derived that help in making crucial business decisions.

Outsourcing Wise is organizing a workshop on 19th November 2019 on the basics of Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Data Visualization, where the participants will be able to gain an in-depth knowledge about these important concepts that will help them in augmenting the core business functions, making informed business decisions, and will be able to handle the business operations efficiently.

Learn from the Industry Experts

The team of expert trainers will be taking the participants through various Data Visualization techniques and will be using advanced and effective Business Intelligence tools to make the presentation relevant, interesting, and comprehensible.

The Topics to be Covered in the Workshop

  • Dealing with Humongous data sets and data mining techniques
  • Creating Excel Dashboards
  • Creating dynamic excel workbooks
  • A detailed idea about Business Intelligence
  • The concept of Data Visualization and its significance
  • An introduction to the concept of Data Warehousing

The Target Audience

This workshop will be helpful for all those corporate professionals, consultants, and personnel working in the senior and middle levels of management, who work in developing new business strategies focusing on the organization’s objectives. Outsourcing Wise highly recommends this workshop also to those candidates, who aspire to build a career in Data Analytics and its techniques

The Pre-Requisites

The Data Analytics workshop is open for all business personnel, self-employed professionals, corporate houses, students, and for all those individuals, who want to learn more on excel workbooks, data cleaning and data mining techniques and work on large data sets to draw inferences in line with business objectives. This workshop will help participants to play with data and present it meaningfully.

The fees will be 249 SGD/ Participant.

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