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S.No Course Name Next session Scheduled Days Fee
1 Basic and Intermediate Excel 12 November - 13 November 2019 2 249 SGD
2 Advanced Excel 5 November - 6 November 2019 2 345 SGD
3 Be a Powerpoint Expert 21 November - 22 November 2019 2 349 SGD
4 Integrated course on Excel, Powerpoint & Word 26 November - 27 November 2019 2 349 SGD
5 Lease Accounting 29 November 2019 1
6 Mastering Presentation Skills 7 November 2019 1 249 SGD
7 Data Analytics 19 November 2019 1 329 SGD
8 Creating Excel Dashboards 1 329 SGD
9 Communication Skills 14 November 2019 1 245 SGD
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What We Do

Outsourcingwise provides business consulting and accounting advisory services to business and accounting firms across various geographies. Our clients across the globe trust us to collate and analyse the right information to help them make short- and long-term business decisions.

Why Us

At Outsourcingwise we look at every minute details of your business that can make or break a start up company and partner with your teams to design tailored solutions. At OutsourcingWise, we have seen it all and are ready to tackle any business related obstacle or issue that may impede growth of your business.


Our Impact

Our work helps clients make better decisions in their existing business areas as well as facilitates their growth by focusing their energies on growth, both, organically and inorganically.Partnering with us can help you get access of a team of experts in areas such as revenue management, payroll, tax returns, accounting and so on. This not only results in significant savings, but facilitates growth of your company by enabling the promoters on what they do best.

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As always, partners grows with you!







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