Do you know that you can win or lose your audience in just first 10 min of your presentation?

Learn and be prepared with confidence for your unique presentation skills at Outsourcingwise. Effective advanced presentation skills training near you helps you to place you suitably as a public speaker and learn the technical aspects of powerpoint to help you create a catchy presentation that will engage and keep interest of your audience. Audience not only looks at the presentation and listen but also see the way of presenting. At outsourcing wise learn the art of mastering body language and create a positive impact.

Control your own presentation by learning:
❖ The key principles of presentation
❖ Art to impress
❖ Mastering Visual design techniques
❖ Decluttering your slides
❖ Learning the positive body language
❖ Effective communication skills
❖ Presenting for Board meetings
❖ Avoiding death by Powerpoint

Enthusiastic and Energetic Advanced Presentation Skill Training for Engaging Maximum Audience 

Advanced presentation skills training in Singapore will help you get a good blend of powerpoint skills needed to create a catchy presentation and also provide right skills and training to be an impactful speaker to deliver your ideas in an engaging way and enhance your presentation style.

Have you ever felt that you know all about the subject but not able to present your best knowledge?

Improved Presentation skills training Seminar will fetch your success as a leader as you will be able to present your vision in a way that will inspire and drive others. Presenting information clearly and effectively is the key source in getting your message across. Good presentation skills give you the ladder of success and an exposure to senior management.

This workshop is for all the team managers, sales personnel and others who deal with the stakeholders and clients need to learn not only the PowerPoint and its tips and tricks but also be an impactful speaker must join the presentation skills training courses.

Learn Accomplishing Advanced Presentation Skills Training

OutsourcingWise, an esteemed organization in Singapore which delivers best business presentation skills training workshop. Master the art of communication and presentation skills training and ensure that the message you are going to deliver to your audience resonates appropriately. The presentation skills training for sales professionals and corporate professional’s has several productive features, glimpse of ideas are-

  • Mastering the power point techniques
  • Know your body language
  • Be a proficient speaker
  • It will teach you to grab and get focused attention by audience and be an impactful speaker

Grasp the corporate executive presentation skills by OutsourcingWise in Singapore. Through this powerful presentations training learn all about creating a presentation in powerpoint and deliver it effectively.

You can enhance your skills and make your efficiency thoroughly captivating.

Join the momentous executive presentation training and create an edge in your professional career today.

In today’s world it is of utmost importance not only to give presentations but to express ourselves and create a mark. Whether it is for corporates, self-employed, entrepreneurs or startup’s. every field requires to have a team/ individuals who can not only perform but present their ideas with an impact.

This workshop is specially designed for individuals/ corporate professionals, self-employed, etc who need to work on different business problems on regular basis and present themselves to the clients or senior management

This workshop will help to understand the nuances of creating meaningful presentations. This workshop will focus on both

  • Technical aspects of creating a presentation
  • Soft skills that are needed to make an impact

At the end of the workshop you will be able to

  • Create a presentation with maximum impact and minimal verbiage
  • Will be able to deliver a presentation with utmost self confidence and poise

Course Outline:

  • Understanding the basics of Power-point
  • Importance of Powerpoint
  • Importance of Presentation Skills
  • Art of Giving Presentations

Key Principles of Presentation

  • USAGE and Purpose of creating presentation
  • Defining Slides
  • Managing Content
  • Outlining your Presentation
  • Plan your delivery
  • Stick to Fundamentals of Power-point

Errors to Avoid in a Presentation

  • Start with a story/example to present few traits
  • 10 20 30 rule
  • Dealing with stage fear
  • Avoiding Death by Power-point
  • Power of speech

Dealing with Seniors and Senior Level Presentations

  • Idea Ideation
  • Be SMART
  • Presenting in BOARD MEETINGS
  • Using Graphical and charting techniques

Case Studies and Role Play to exhibit the technical Skills

Art to Impress

  • Creating a WOW Factor
  • Applying Best Practices of Power-point
  • How to keep Audience engaged
  • Lecture Vs Presentation

Communication Skills: Key to Success

  • Holistic view
  • Become an effective communicator
  • Listening Techniques
  • Power of Body Language

Learning from experts

  • Solving Challenges
  • De cluttering your slides
  • Handling difficult audience
  • Being an EXPERT presenter
  • Creating a Lasting Impression
  • Conclusion

Collating Take Away’s

  • Handing questions
  • Getting Most out of Power-point to create a Killer Presentation

Case study on Debating and exhibiting Soft Skills

Making your own Presentation (Technical and Soft skills)

This workshop is designed for all the Team managers, Sales personnel and all those individuals who deal with multiple stakeholders and clients, or are involved in multiple communication channels in their day to day work

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Course Cancellation / Reschedule Policy

OutsourcingWise reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the course due to unforeseen circumstances. If the course is cancelled from our end, management will refund 100% to its participants

Note: the minimal class size to start the class would be 3 pax