Statutory Accounts

Statutory Accounts

Statutory accounting requirements are different in every country, even those that have adopted IFRS, with subtle differences in reporting requirements/ timescales and dramatic difference in the consequences of non compliance. Not having a centralized control over your statutory accounts that are generated from your different business branches across the world can often result in a serious neglect in maintaining detailed records of every penny that leaves or enters your company throughout the year, putting your business in inevitable disarray.

This is why Outsourcing wise takes a coordinated approach with central control and expert delivery linking up specialist, whenever your company needs them to:

  • Prepare your statutory financial statements in IFRS or GAAP
  • Work in partnership with you and your auditor to finalize the content
  • Influencing your budgeting and business prediction cycle in a positive manner to get the best results for your company in the long run

The result is a globally consistent service that reduces the risks of non-compliance, increases the economy of scale and eradicates the burdens of preparing your own statutory accounts or managing multiple suppliers.

How can we help?

  • Preparation of statutory accounts under IFRS, US GAAP, UK GAAP and Indian GAAP.
  • Accounting Advise on specific matters affecting statutory accounting requirements

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