Segmentation and Targeting

Any good brand has to know its consumers inside-out. To do that, it first has to find out all the details about what categories of customers exist out in the market. By carefully studying the psychological responses of people to brands which are similar to yours, you would know just what different people expect of a brand like yours. For example, if you are a deodorant brand, you would know that while some prefer their deodorants to have a strong and definite smell, others prefer a more long-lasting fragrance. Again these will be other who would rather opt for deodorants which are gas-free and closer to being cologne. However, it is impossibility for any brand to think that they can deliver on all the fronts and make every customer happy.

This is where “targeting” comes in after the much helpful categorizing or segmenting. Targeting lets you determine the area in which your brand specializes in and determining your target audience based on that information. It is always better to focus all business efforts like strategizing and marketing keeping in mind your target audience rather than trying to become appealing to the general masses. Without the method of targeting, there remain confused and unrealistic ideals on which no business can thrive in the long run.

How can we help?

  • We help brands and companies to understand what type of audience group their product or service pertains to by drawing up extensive and yet easy-to-understand statistics, which helps a brand in designing their marketing strategies keeping in mind, the needs and wants of their audience.
  • We also guide your marketing team in factoring in the customer demographics into their advertisement planning or slogan designs, which could help your company reach highest level of brand recognition among the targeted consumers.

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