Marketing and Sales Reporting

Sales and marketing departments need to work as a cohesive team if it has to induce a positive impact on the total revenue generation of a company. As a business ownerit is imperative to manage to apply new-found management tools such as service-level agreement and closed-loop analytics to make these two departments fall under a single alignment, failing to maintain order and structure in the long run might become detrimental to the growth of your company

Here how we can help to ensure that effective marketing and sales reporting:

  • Drawing up monthly reports on marketing: This includes revisiting the leads and customers that your marketing team has been able to attract over the past month to evaluate the progress and find out ways to strategize better if needed.
  • Depicting sales performance of the company by appropriate trend analysis, Actual vs plan, incremental sales analysis, etc.
  • Deep dive Product analysis and its performance; sector wise and industry wide performance keeping both company and industry benchmarks

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