In an atmosphere of declining research and development (R&D) productivity, mounting pricing pressure and changing regulatory requirements, global pharmaceutical and life sciences companies face increasing challenges to achieve and maintain profitable growth.In the midst of a momentous industry evolution, life sciences companies must adapt their business operations to remain competitive.

Global pharmaceutical outsourcing offers companies an opportunity to face these day to day challenges by helping them form strategic relationships with outsourcing partners, focusing on core competencies, work with specialized expertise, achieve cost-saving benefits and reduce burn rates that lead directly to greater shareholder value. We helps pharmaceuticals and life sciences companies evolve their operations through advanced reporting needs and better visual representation to humongous data thereby leveraging technology and analytics to enable smart processes

Over the past two decades, outsourcing of Life sciences processes has become increasingly prevalent, and is now a major trend in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical companies have moved up the value chain for outsourcing thereby increasing their focus on

  • Face value to market
  • Cost advantage
  • Strategic goals and initiaves
  • Value added services

How can we help?

We design, transform, and run life science processes by serving through advanced reporting and analytical needs of the growing organization and harnessing technology at its best thereby helping our clients focus efforts to where they can deliver the most impact.

  • We make healthcare operations and processes intelligent by designing, transforming, and running their processes through better representation of their information in the form of reports and dashboards and the by making the best use of available data to get a competitive edge in the industry
  • We provide solid, independent insights into identifying, selecting and working with global outsourcing and off-shoring partners.

Our team at India has varied exposure across top pharmaceutical companies across the world and has worked across numerous domains as mentioned below to help our client provide end to end solutions

Business Intelligence

Data Analytic and Research

Marketing and Sales Reporting

Segmentation and Targeting


Sales Force effectiveness

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